Gap Audits

National and international standards as well as certification schemes are regularly updated by the custodians or owners. After such an update an organization must determine the “gaps” in the existing management system. This gap audit will fast track the identification of shortfalls and the subsequent implementation of corrective action will ensure that the organization meets updated requirements.

Readiness Audits

To determine a management system’s readiness for a certification audit or a supplier audit, a readiness audit provides management with valuable information about the management system’s status. The information collected during the audit can assist management with decision-making, e.g., whether there is a need for additional resources to implement or maintain the management system, target date for the certification audit or changes that need to be made to the management system.

Internal Audits

A robust internal audit programme is a non-negotiable element of an effective management system. Audit results provide an essential source of information into the management system evaluation process and for the planning of management system improvements.  

Supplier Audits

Suppliers of parts, components, raw materials, ingredients, additives, processing aids, packaging materials and services have a huge effect on products or services offered by an organization. Mutually beneficial relationships with these external providers enhance your organization’s ability to meet customer or legislative requirements and demonstrates application of the principles covered in formal ISO management systems. Gain a better understanding of supplier capabilities by conducting audits on their management system. Conducting supplier audits is an excellent tool to enhance performance of both parties.

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